Summer Classes & Camps

Ages 3+ Years

There is a summer dance option for you!

A variety of programs are offered from week long day camps, one day events, weekly classes or drop in options. Create a summer program that fits your schedule and commitment level.

Camps and Classes are available starting as young as 3 years old.

Let your child express their creativity while expanding their skills and coordination. Let us introduce them to a variety of dance styles while we also incorporate various creative arts opportunities.

Camps include a variety of dance styles, along with crafts, music and drama games…

Students will be encouraged to use their creativity to contribute to student projects and presentations. Camps will incorporate different themes to help your child use their imagination to experience the magical world of dance.

Along with camps, classes are offered throughout the summer to allow students to focus on specific skills and refine their technique. Classes are offered either weekly or as a drop in option to meet all training goals.

Are you an intensive dancer looking to refine your skills over the summer?

Dance On Edge offers summer training for students who want to maintain their training over the summer break, enhance their technical skills or are preparing for an upcoming dance exam.

Summer Classes & Camps Schedule & Registration

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If you have any questions about our summer dance classes & camps feel free to send us a message, or give us a call. We’d love to help!