Discover Dance Sessions & Events

At Dance On Edge we believe it is important for children to have a variety of opportunities to learn about the art of dance…

We created the “Discover Dance” Program to introduce the many aspects of the dance world to our students, their friends and families. This program is offered to all ages with minimal commitment level.

We understand that families are busy and schedules are full so dancers may not be able to commit to a full year program.

As a result we want everyone to be exposed to a variety of opportunities that may fit into their schedule better.

There are many benefits from taking a dance class, from developing self-confidence & focus, to improved motor-skills, team work, creative thinking and goal setting, all the while developing poise and good posture. Dance helps kids develop an appreciation for the arts. All of these benefits are developed in a safe & welcoming environment while they make new friends.

The Discover Dance Program offers one-day workshops in addition to other dance opportunities and enrichment activities…

Our goal is to instill an active and healthy lifestyle through dance. We offer classes and events for a variety of ages and experience levels.

Discover Dance Sessions & Events Schedule & Registration

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