Preschool Dance

Ages 2 - 5 years

Discover the joy of movement and imagination in a safe and encouraging environment…

Preschool dance is a great way to enhance your child’s physical, social and emotional development.

Students learn to follow directions from a teacher as well as socialization skills by interacting with their peers. The skills learned will encourage body awareness, coordination, self-control and refining their motor skills. Dancers learn valuable life skills such as sharing, listening and cooperating with others. All of this is done through exploring the imaginative world of dance.

The music filled, creative dance atmosphere will allow your child to learn social skills while building new friendships in a friendly and supportive environment.

Basic dance technique is taught by incorporating creative movement, while enhancing music appreciation, singing and basic tumbling skills.

Class options include preschool ballet and preschool combo, (tap, ballet & tumbling).

Preschool Dance classes are offered as a shorter, “introduction to dance session” or a 10 month program with performance opportunities. Select a commitment level that suits your family best.

Preschool Dance Schedule & Registration

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